Scott-Macon Healthcare Review July 2019

Providing our clients with senior level perspectives on corporate finance solutions in the healthcare industry during July 2019.


Download the Healthcare Review – July 2019

Scott-Macon Healthcare Investment Banking Group presents its Healthcare Review for July 2019 providing expert insights from our senior professionals on:

  • Average multiples for all of the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical transactions that either closed or were announced during July.
  • Average multiples for the major publicly-traded healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Analysis of notable transactions in the services segment that were closed or announced during July in the Technology, Provider and Products sector.
  • Analysis of publicly-traded Services, Providers and Products companies by sector.

Our latest monthly review is now available in ourĀ Publications section here. Based on more 30 years of transaction experience, our publications containing senior level perspectives are aimed at creating and advocating solutions to our clients in the healthcare industry to help them make informed investment decisions.

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