Debt & Equity Financing

Assisting a wide range of clients in the preparation, marketing and completion of debt and equity financing.

With ever-changing global capital markets as well as the continued entry of new financing sources through private equity or debt funds, companies face both challenges and new options in funding existing operations or new growth through debt or equity financing. Possible choices include: traditional commercial bank financing, direct placements of debt with institutional investors or funds, and direct placements of equity with institutional investors, private equity funds or high net worth individuals as well as the issuance of debt or equity through a public underwriting.

Scott-Macon professionals remain current with global capital market conditions as well as the industry and investment preferences of a wide range of institutional financing sources seeking to provide debt and/or equity financing. We believe that a key to a successful financing is the proper preparation and organization of information that will be sought by financing sources, as well as a focused marketing campaign to contact institutional investors seeking the particular type of investment required by the client.

Debt and Equity Financing Services

Scott-Macon professionals have assisted a wide range of clients in the preparation, marketing and completion of debt and equity financings. Our services for debt and equity financing include:

  • Formulation and execution of debt and/or equity placements with institutional investors
  • Analysis of capital requirements, financing options and strategies to meet client objectives
  • Analysis, restructuring or expansion of senior debt facilities
  • Analysis and restructuring of existing debt or equity instruments to recapitalize the balance sheet of a client in an integrated strategy
  • Pre-transaction due diligence reviews to identify potential investor issues
  • Pre-transaction valuation reviews for clients seeking additional equity
  • Assistance to corporations seeking to have a direct placement of debt “rated” under NAIC guidelines
  • Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) analysis
  • Selection of a public underwriter, independent negotiation of the underwriting agreement, and participation in the underwriting process as a client advocate

While Scott-Macon does not provide public underwriting of debt or equity issues, our professionals have experience at prior firms in this segment of the capital markets, and are often retained to assist clients in the selection of an underwriter and the independent management of the underwriting process as a client advocate.

In addition to arranging financing for clients, during its history Scott-Macon has utilized the firm’s capital to make selected direct investments in companies. These investments have included debt and/or equity securities and have resulted in control and non-control positions.

Selected Transactions of Debt & Equity Financing