Hudson Technologies Purchases Efficiency Technologies' Assets

Scott-Macon's Chemical & Related Industries Group acts as exclusive financial advisor to Hudson Technologies, Inc.

December 2012

Hudson Technologies and Efficiency TechnologiesHudson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDSN) announced the acquisition of the proprietary Efftrack™ chiller efficiency software, customer list and its related assets from Efficiency Technologies Inc. (ETI).

This acquisition was conducted to support Hudson’s chiller management and efficiency optimization product and service offering, while relying on Scott-Macon’s Chemicals & Related Industries Group to serve as the exclusive financial advisor.

About Hudson Technologies, Inc.

Hudson Technologies provides complete life cycle management of refrigerants with a commitment to environmental stewardship at the core to everything they do. Hudson offers environmentally sustainable solutions from initial sale through recovery, reclamation and reuse, peak operating performance of equipment through energy efficiency, and emergency air conditioning and refrigeration system repair, to final refrigerant disposal and carbon credit trading.

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