Sale of Envincio Assets by SantoLubes LLC

Scott-Macon Provides Advisory Services to SantoLubes LLC on Divestiture of Envincio, LLC Assets

April 2014

Envincio and Central

SantoLubes LLC announced the sale of certain assets of its subsidiary, Envincio, LLC, effective April 1, 2014 to Central Garden & Pet Company. As a manufacturer and distributor of natural and synthetic pesticides, Envincio LLC produces products for the professional pest control industry.

Scott-Macon’s Chemical and Related Industries Group served as financial advisor to SantoLubes LLC on the divestiture of Envincio, LLC Assets.

About SantoLubes LLC

As a manufacturer of Santovac, Santotrac, and Santolube products, SantoLubes LLC offers unique and innovative synthetic fluids, lubricants, and greases that provide solutions for different applications. Their lines or products are designed to protect critical components in a variety of applications and are used where extreme high temperature, chemical inertness, radiation resistance and difficult lubrication problems are encountered. With a long history of serving aerospace, electronics, aviation, automotive, power, and industrial sectors, SantosLubes LLC lubricants and greases offer cost effective, long-term solutions for components and critical machinery.

About Scott-Macon’s Chemical Industry Group and M&A Services

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