Dubois Chemicals, Inc. Purchases Isel, LLC

Scott-Macon's Chemical & Related Industries Group acts as exclusive financial advisor to Isel, Inc.

July 2020

International Specialty Engineered Lubricants, LLC (“Isel”), an independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants specializing in high-technology, tailored products for industrial applications has been acquired by DuBois Chemicals, Inc. (“DuBois”). Founded in 1920, DuBois is a premier provider of customized and value-added specialty chemical solutions and services to a variety of end industries.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Isel was designed from the ground up by an experienced lubricants industry executive to formulate specialty lubricants to meet customers’ real-world needs and to provide a complete and reliable technical resource for its customers. Within Isel’s first decade of operation, it quickly expanded beyond its initial product line of air compressor and refrigeration lubricants to include a full line of industrial lubricants and heat transfer fluids. Currently Isel offers solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications to a growing international market.

Scott-Macon Group, Inc.’s Chemicals & Related Industries Group acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Isel in this transaction.

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