What Makes SMNY Capital Raising Advisory Services Stand Out

August 12, 2019

Capital raising is essential for businesses that are going through a period of significant internal growth or are in a transition period, such as a merger or acquisition.

Due to the importance of capital raising, many businesses turn to financial advisory companies for help and consultation.


What Are Capital Raising Advisory Services?

Capital goals typically encompass the following:

  • Business financial planning
  • Expansion capital
  • Financing for acquisition
  • Liquidity for insider shares for management
  • Raising capital through private equity

Most businesses go through a transition period of financial restructuring at some point. When this occurs, restructuring is typically viewed as an indication of the financial stability of the company and a sign that the company has established objectives for expansion and growth in terms of finances.

Capital raising advisory services encompass a number of transactions, such as:

  • Secured asset financing
  • Convertible securities
  • Project financing
  • Going private transactions
  • Management buyouts

Scott-Macon New York boasts a team of talented professionals who have plenty of experience and knowledge dealing with financial services. We offer the attention and time required to meet the specific needs of your company. Our team will provide you with effective and cost-efficient capital raising advisory services.

How Can Capital Raising Services Help Middle Market Companies?

Capital raising services can help middle market companies by easing the process of growing capital so they can focus resources on tasks more directly related to their goals. Also, many middle market companies don’t have the required knowledge, experience and resources to effectively raise capital on their own. Capital raising advisory services allow middle market companies to raise more capital than they could otherwise.

What to Look for in a Company

The company you choose for your capital raising advisory services should have advisors who are experienced in positioning equity, senior and subordinated debt, and mezzanine financing.

Scott-Macon New York opts to customize solutions for clients to optimize capital structure and minimize dilution. The solutions could involve a hybrid of equity and debt. No matter whether you want capital to fund a merger or acquisition or for internal growth, you need to choose a company that has the knowledge and resources to help you every step of the way.

For more information about the capital raising advisory services we offer here at Scott-Macon Group, Inc., don’t hesitate to contact us.