George Landberg has over forty years of experience in general management, strategic planning, marketing, technical management and operations. His experience also includes crisis and turnaround management of companies on behalf of creditors and institutional investors.

Prior to joining Scott-Macon in 2001, Mr. Landberg was President and CEO of Drexel Industries, a manufacturer of specialized material handling equipment. Prior to joining Drexel, Mr. Landberg was President and CEO of Valcor Engineering, a manufacturer of fluid and mechanical control components. Prior to joining Valcor, Mr. Landberg led the management buyout of Warren Pumps, a manufacturer of a broad line of pumps for industrial and defense applications, from Houidaille Industries as well as its subsequent sale to IMO Industries. Mr. Landberg held a variety of management positions earlier in his career with EG&G, Clevepack Corporation, General Signal Corporation and Allis Chalmers.

Mr. Landberg is a graduate of the University of Rochester (B.S., M.A.S.). He is a licensed professional engineer.