Flexider Automotive and Tuyaux Flexibles Rudolph Acquired by Fleder Investments Hong Kong Ltd.


Flexider Automotive (“Flexider”) and Tuyaux Flexibles Rudolph (“TFR”), subsidiaries of Industrial Manufacturing Company International (“IMCI”) have been acquired by Fleder Investments Hong Kong Ltd. The transaction was completed in December of 2016.

Headquartered in Bierun, Poland, with facilities in China and Italy, Flexider is a leading producer of expansion joints, flexible couplings, and flexible hoses for automotive applications. Flexider’s product line includes: self-supporting decoupling joints, flexible hoses, thermal expansion joints, exhaust gas recirculation units, and others.

Headquartered outside of Paris, France, TFR is one of the leading French manufacturers of flexible stripwound hoses, high-pressure hoses, plastic hoses and small diameter bellows. The company offers full-service engineering and design of flexible metal hoses for practically all industrial applications, including the automotive, aeronautics, petrochemical, steel, nuclear and telecommunication industries.

IMCI is an Ohio -based family-owned company with multiple business lines including: aerospace, automotive, centralized lubrication, gearing, strainers, sheet metal products and mechanical sealing. IMCI directly employs over 3,500 people and has over 30 manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities worldwide.

Scott-Macon’s Industrial & Automotive Group served as the exclusive financial adviser to IMCI on the divestiture of Flexider and TFR. Please contact Mr. Fabian Hassel, Managing Director & Group Head, for additional information.